Food business establishment

For many, starting a food business is a dream come true. A proper process of starting a business greatly affects the chances of its success. The construction process includes regulation and compliance with the Ministry of Health requirements, a financial budget and coordination between many professionals. A right establishment process has a big impact on the investment needed and can save a lot of money. In contrast, a wrong process can be the main cause for rapid closure of the business.

Elsar developed a structured program for food business establishment, while maintaining a defined budget and time frame:

  1. A practical investment plan that includes financing sources

  2. Regulation and compliance with the Ministry of Health, firefighters and police requirements

  3. The construction project based on objectives and tasks

  4. Kitchen design and workflow process

  5. Guidance in choosing the right professionals to carry out the construction process

  6. Creation and pricing of the menu according to the concept of the business

The process of starting a business includes the integration of different fields such as design, infrastructure, efficient work process, accessibility and more. The process includes dealing with dozens of professionals, endless adjustments and time pressure.

The only way to succeed is use a proper project management, based on a sound budget and objectives and tasks based on an orderly work plan.

The budget can be recruited from two main sources: banks and funds. In most cases, the entrepreneur has limited financial recourses that making it difficult for him to raise money. To increase the possibility of raising funds the entrepreneur should "speak the language of the bank". The language of the Bank is the language of numbers and the business plan. The main goal of the program is to convince the financiers that the business would be able to repay the loan taken. For this purpose, you need to build a business plan in a way that will meet the expectations of the bank or fund inspectors - people from the banking system that can be characterized as conservative, full of doubts and lack of entrepreneurial zeal. Because of this way of thinking, it is of paramount importance that the writing and presentation of the business plan to the Bank or the Fund will be professional.