Food business focused financial management

When we ask ourselves what is the main purpose for the existence of our business, usually the answer will be the same – for profit. However, are we really trying to maximize the profit of our business?

ProfitMaker software and application designed by Elsar for small and medium food business. Most of the business owners dedicated their time and effort to customer service and operation, leaving them with little or no time and energy to manage it. This greatly affects the performance of their business.

Knowing that, ProfitMaker was developed to provide to small and medium business owners a simple and effective tool for making managerial decisions that can significantly improve the profitability of their business.

The main benefits using ProfitMaker:

  1. The business owner is not required for any change in his working behavior

  2. Maximization of profit in any given turnover

  3. Analysis of business data in real time to quickly locate problems and quickly solve them

  4. Your business data is not exposed to a third party

Which decisions can be made based on ProfitMaker:

  1. Inventory management and adjustment

  2. Adjustment of food cost and purchase decisions

  3. Adjustment of labor cost to income

  4. Test Menu Pricing

  5. Monitor suppliers' prices

  6. Monitor waste levels

  7. Cash flow management