Food Business regulation and licensing

Unlike other businesses, all food businesses must go through the process of regulation and licensing. The process includes approval from the Ministry of Health, firefighters and police. Sometimes the licensing process includes a certification from HACCP or ISO 22000. Licensing business is a tedious process that could take a long time and considerable financial investment.

Elsar specializes in food business regulation and licensing. We provide services to the food industry, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and other food businesses.

Our services include:

  1. Infrastructure adjustment - sewage, electricity, sprinklers, escape routes

  2. Kitchen and interior design in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health

  3. Preparation of orderly licensing portfolio, including: programs and appropriate permits

  4. Escort the business while visited by the Ministry of Health, fireman and police representative

  5. Accompanying the business license process in the local municipality until completion

In Israel, the law requires a permit to start a food business, but the authority will grant a license only after the business opened up and running. The final test for the business license takes place when the business is already operational. Therefore, the correct process of licensing a food business begins with the examination of the regulation possibilities before signing the lease. The first step must perform initial compliance with the Ministry of Health regulations, and access the probability of opening a food business in the building. These procedures ensure that the terms of the various authorities will not encounter difficulties when you ask for a license. In case you are starting a food business, already during the preparation of the plans, all matters relating to licensing should be considered: from the entry of raw materials to the removal of finished products, size of the storage room, the size and design of the kitchen, service zone, emergency exits, fire stands and all official requirements.

By doing that the regulation and licensing process will be easy, save you a lot of headaches, a lot of money and time.