Loans and Fund Raising

Business loans can be recruited from two main sources: banks and funds.

In order to achieve the loan we should "speak the language of the bank". The language of the Bank is the language of numbers and business plans. The main goal of the business plan in this case is to convince the financiers that the business would be able to repay the loan taken.

In order to be successful we need to build business plan that will take into account the way of thinking of the banking system.

Elsar has more than 12 years' experience in fund raising from funds and banks. Over the years, I raised millions of shekels for my business and millions of shekels for hundreds of businesses, large and small.

My experience comes in depth understanding of the decision making process of the fund or banks. I work with the fund managers directly.

The loan process carried out as follows:


  1. Preliminary analysis of the financial condition of the applicant and success prospects of loan raising – For Free

  2. If a business chance to get a loan is greater than 80% in my estimation, I am preparing a business plan for the bank or fund

  3. A good business plan is based on documentation, proving the claims written in the business plan

  4. I personally involved in loan asking process, including meetings with a representative of the fund and the bank, until the process is complete