Franchising system became popular in Israel in recent years. This is especially true in the restaurant and coffee sectors. Many dream of opening their own business but reluctant to do so because lack of experience in the food business or owning their own business.

In the field of franchising Elsar provides the following services:

  1. Examination of the franchising chain

Food business establishment

For many, starting a food business is a dream come true. A proper process of starting a business greatly affects the chances of its success. The construction process includes regulation and compliance with the Ministry of Health requirements, a financial budget and coordination between many professionals. A right establishment process has a big impact on the investment needed and can save a lot of money.

Internet marketing

Today there is hardly a food business, restaurant or cafe, that is unaccompanied by some sort of media. A long term marketing plan is essential to the business survival, building a positive image and cultivating the relationship with the clients.

In the field of internet marketing Elsar services include:

  1. Website optimization

Food Business regulation and licensing

Unlike other businesses, all food businesses must go through the process of regulation and licensing. The process includes approval from the Ministry of Health, firefighters and police. Sometimes the licensing process includes a certification from HACCP or ISO 22000. Licensing business is a tedious process that could take a long time and considerable financial investment.