Internet marketing

Today there is hardly a food business, restaurant or cafe, that is unaccompanied by some sort of media. A long term marketing plan is essential to the business survival, building a positive image and cultivating the relationship with the clients.

In the field of internet marketing Elsar services include:

  1. Website optimization

  2. Organic SEO and sponsored promotion in various search engines and social networks, including the presence in various indexes

  3. Writing a marketing content on Facebook and other social networks

  4. Blogs and Internet communities

  5. Online campaigns management

  6. Writing and editing of blogs

Today there is a variety of marketing tools and various digital channels for food businesses. True Internet marketing must take into account that most of the time the main focus should be on the area where the business is located. The starting point for marketing on the Internet should be to maintain a constant presence in as many channels as possible because customers are there, and likely, they are looking for you there as well. Assuming the customer's experience is positive and effective, the greater the chances are that the client recommend our business and come again. Online marketing has to provide significant benefit to users and customers to encourage them to visit, share, recommend, take pictures, tag and tweet about your business through the various channels. Value added can be expressed in a benefit and it can also come in good, relevant content (tips, photos, videos, recipes and more ...).

Why do we need it? Any mention of your name on the Internet advances your site in Google's search engine. Every tweet, every post and every like exposes your business to new customers. Not just Google – forums, communities, blogs - all these give the potential clients a first-rate tool to select your business.