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Food Business regulation and licensing

Unlike other businesses, all food businesses must go through the process of regulation and licensing. The process includes approval from the Ministry of Health, firefighters and police. Sometimes the licensing process includes a certification from HACCP or ISO 22000. Licensing business is a tedious process that could take a long time and considerable financial investment.

Food business consulting - my Vision

  • I specialize in food industry, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and food retailing.

  • The experience, knowledge and my ability to advise you, the customer, derive from personal experience.

  • I have experience of over 20 years in the ownership of various food businesses. Including now.

  • I accompany the consulting process in person.

  • I believe that your business should get a holistic solution to all its needs.

  • I am applying advanced models of business management in addition to hands-on experience, to deliver practical solutions to your problems.

  • I believe that consultant should not only talk and leave. Implementing the recommendations and follow-up over time are of paramount importance to me.

  • I understand that this is your money. I am not going to easily spend this money.

  • My main counseling objective – increasing your business profits. Period.


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