Food business recovery plans

Sometimes, despite all our efforts, our business fell into a crisis. The crisis affects not only the business but also us personally and makes it difficult to make decisions.

Many times, we reject or ignore the problem, take more loans, more bank frame only to sink deeper.

Elsar has extensive experience in food business recovery and the return on a path of profitability.

Our services:

  1. Negotiations with banks

  2. Cash flow stabilization

  3. Fund raising funds

  4. Negotiations with suppliers and payment plans

  5. Menu examination and re-pricing

  6. Reduction of operational and fixed expenses

  7. Increasing the number of customers

Food businesses may encounter difficulties as a result of a variety of reasons. Cash flow problems at banks, large expenditures, small revenues, customer dissatisfaction and wrong management.

In order to succeed in improving our business, it is necessary to quickly detect problems and offer practical ways to put the business back on track.

In addition to financial and operational work with business, we must take into account the pressures and tensions experienced by you, the owner.

Action on one plane not sufficient for a comprehensive solution over time. To put the business on a sound footing we need a comprehensive solution that deals with all the aspects simultaneously.