Food business consulting - my Vision

Elsar is a food consulting firm. We provide services to food production industry, restaurants, cafes, fast food and food retailers. Our services ranges from feasibility study to business recovery plans.

My experience, knowledge and ability to advise you, stems from my own personal experience as a 20 years business owner starting my own businesses. My experience derives not from theoretical knowledge or external advising, but from personal experience, risking my own money.

I work personally with you, the business owner. If necessary, I use external experts in fields that needs special expertize such as regulation or architecture. With most of them, I worked for many years. Anyway, the responsibility for the counseling process and its outcome is mine.

I believe in true partnership with my client and in working with my client and not working for him. My point of view is the point of view of the business owner and not as someone who stands on the side and gives advice.

I believe in efficiency, speed and professionalism. Time is money. Every day we save is a day that we profit from it.

I put an emphasis on practical application and processes. I have no interest in nice looking reports. I love to perform. It makes me feel good to see business profits and I am proud that I have a part in it.

The solutions I suggest are integrative and comprehensive synchronized to your willingness and ability. In my eyes, to give a council to someone that cannot fulfil it, even if that consul is correct, is stupid.

I believe that a consultant should not only talk, leave a nice report and walk away. Implementing the recommendations and follow-up over time are of paramount importance to me. I will not give advice without the possibility of implementation and monitoring.

I understand that this is your money. I am will not easily spend it. I know how hard it is to earn money and how easy it is to risk someone else's money. Only someone who has been there knows what it is to be a business owner.

My main business objective - increasing business profits. I do not believe in putting too much emphasis on sales only. I believe that we open a business to make a living from it. I don't want to just sell. Want to earn.