Operational management of food business

The heart of the food business is operation. Contrary to the glamorous image of food business, the ongoing work can be difficult. Proper operation of restaurant, café or supermarket is a key to lasting success. Maintaining a high level of performance and service will result in higher satisfaction of the customers and higher profits.

Elsar has an extensive experience in preparing managerial and operational procedures for supermarkets, restaurants and cafes and the implementation of this systems in an efficient ways.

Our operational services:

  1. Procedures for kitchen management

  2. Planograms and supermarket shelves arrangement

  3. Employee management

  4. Customer Service

  5. Ongoing maintenance procedures

The main goal of the operation is to create a fixed set of procedures to keep a high level performance and profit in order to create customer satisfaction.

Ongoing operation focuses primarily on executing the menu and service, but also in the areas such as inventory and cleaning arrangements. Operation is the main factor for returning customers and the driving force to word of mouth marketing.

Sensible, practical and clear operational procedures are the basis for maintaining returning customers, staff efficiency and satisfaction.