Food business consulting - my Vision

  • I specialize in food industry, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and food retailing.

  • The experience, knowledge and my ability to advise you, the customer, derive from personal experience.

  • I have experience of over 20 years in the ownership of various food businesses. Including now.

  • I accompany the consulting process in person.

  • I believe that your business should get a holistic solution to all its needs.

  • I am applying advanced models of business management in addition to hands-on experience, to deliver practical solutions to your problems.

  • I believe that consultant should not only talk and leave. Implementing the recommendations and follow-up over time are of paramount importance to me.

  • I understand that this is your money. I am not going to easily spend this money.

  • My main counseling objective – increasing your business profits. Period.

Igal Pikovsky (Spir) - About me

I am the founder and owner of Elsar Food Consulting, 45, I have an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

My entire career, for the last 20 years, I spent in food sector in all its diversity.

I started my own business in mid 90s. To be self-employed was my desire since I can remember myself as a kid in Kiryat Yam. In contrast to my highly educated friends who chose to enter senior positions as employees, I preferred to be my own boss, with all the responsibilities and the risks it carries.

Because I had little money, I started as an owner of a coffee cart in a hospital. In a few years, this coffee cart became a chain of several dozen coffee carts, coffee shop and several food retail stores. In 2003, after selling my shares in the company, I managed the construction of a supermarket in area of ​​4,000 square meters and about 200 employees. In 2006 I set up a fresh fish procession factory and a distributing line of fresh chilled fish to about 50 supermarkets in the north of Israel. I sold the business in 2010.

From 2008 I am engaged in the development of start-ups, failed business acquisition, fund raising, business consulting and lectures.

Over the last 20 years, I have experienced ups and downs. All my experiences, failures and successes over the years gave me the knowledge to guide others. I learned everything by myself, with my own money.

Over the years, I have learning constantly. Over the years, I have developed methods, mathematical models and practices and tried them on mine business reality.

I'm a recognized consultant by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Absorption and the Ministry of Tourism.

All the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, I want to convey to you. Talk to me. You will not regret.

In my spare time, I am engaged in extreme sports:  ironman, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and rafting around the world.


Consulting for existing and starting businesses